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Amalgamations is an ongoing series of compositions for different instrumentation which explore the same graphic notation. The score comprises a combination of verbal instructions and constellation-like graphic notation which allows the player/performer to navigate through in a way that unveils hidden parts of the score and results in the sound of slowly changing sustained ideas with possible episodes of silence. My interest in potential extended durations, silence, quiet sustained sounds, the complexity of simple sounds and concentrated listening are reflected in the open instructions.

For further information and analysis, read 'Pattern, Form and Silence in Amalgamations, an Extended Duration Work' published in New Sound International Journal of Music in 2019, here.

Amalgamations for quartet (2019) [score]

open instrumentation


Amalgamations for piano (2019) [score]


Amalgamations for solo string instrument (2019) [score]


Amalgamations for organ (2016) [score]

SOPHIE WEBSITE 11 FINAL  jpeg greyscale.

Selected Recordings:

Alistair Zaldua, Lauren Redhead, Peter Nagle & Elizabeth Hilliard,

Music and/as Process Conference 2019 (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London)



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