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postcard-sized pieces are a set of many small scores which are open notation and instrumentation. They can be engaged with in any way and include scores with traditional staff notation, text instructions, blank scores, and “recording task” scores. Realisations of postcard-sized pieces has resulted in new scores due to arranging them for ensembles, as well as branched projects focusing on individual scores.

postcard-sized pieces (2020) [score]

open instrumentation

Selected Realisations:

postcard-sized pieces for fivebyfive & audience participation (2020) [score]

Montrose Composers Club [Online]



an outside space


an outside space is based on a postcard from postcard-sized pieces which encourages engagement with an outside space through experience, documentation and presentation. This particular postcard was important to me during the COVID lockdowns and the permitted one hour daily exercise. Thus far, two projects have resulted from an outside space:

an outside space (2020) commissioned by Electric Medway [click here for more information]

an outside space (2021) commissioned by Ideas Test for You Me Us [click here for more information]

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