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هُوِيَّةُ (Huia) Installation

For the online Postgraduate Research Association Conference 2020 at Canterbury Christ Church University, there will be a YouTube premiere of هُوِيَّةُ (Huia) 12-2pm.

The footage is from an installation in the Daphne Oram Creative Arts Building at CCCU in December 2019.

It is a collaborative installation by CCCU PhD students Sophie Stone (Music) and Nour Elhouda Souleh (Applied Linguistics) that investigates the sounds of spoken modern Arabic and constructions of Othering. This installation is part of a larger project, which involves Sophie’s setting of five poems by Nour, and explores sound, silence and extended durations. Nour's performance is inspired by Marina Abramović's work "The Artist Is Present". The audience is invited to sit in front of Nour during this installation for any period of time; listening to the sounds and sharing eye-contact only.


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