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i am in nature (2021) is a text score which has been published as a part of a charitable collection of flute miniatures commissioned by Laura Lentz, flutist and teacher based in Rochester, NY. The collection of flute miniatures, '10 Nature Pieces for Solo Flute', are inspired by nature and were written specifically for Laura.

i am in nature is a poetic text score in three parts, which is a meditation in nature (physically or in the imaginary). It is an exercise or activity to engage with nature and environment, responding to it with sound, and then focusing on the changes as a result of sound (to oneself and the environment).


The text score is open instrumentation, but commissioned by and for Laura and a glass flute created by glass artist Madeline Rile Smith.

'10 Nature Pieces for Solo Flute' is the second collection of flute miniatures that Laura has compiled during the COVID-19 pandemic for charity. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the charities Earthjustice and Climate Solutions Accelerator. To donate and purchase the set of flute miniatures please visit here.


Cover design: Lauren Perttula

Editing and Engraving: Evan Henry


Selected Recordings:

Laura Lentz, Mendon Ponds Park (Rochester, NY)



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