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27 Mar

amalgamations for solo piano (2019)

Modern Notebook - WSMR Classical

Stone's amalgamations for solo piano played by Richard P John was featured on Florida's classical music station for Tyler Kline's Modern Notebook.

Featured Artist

18 Mar

Perverted Innocence (2022) by Johanne-Bryce Hodgson


Stone played the clarinet for Johanne-Bryce Hodgson's durational composition Perverted Innocence. The piece is a duet between clarinet and a music box using a score composed entirely using dice rolls and a number generator.

To listen, visit here.

Talk & Interview

10 Mar

An Experimental Music Practice: Listening, Silence and Collaboration

 artBLAB [online]

A talk by Stone followed by an interview with Michal Kamil Piotrowski for artBLAB.


28 Feb

Multiplicity as a Process of Experimental Music (2020)

Canterbury Christ Church University Research Space Repository [online]

Stone's PhD thesis was published on CCCU's online repository and can be accessed here.


7 Feb

Grandeur nature! (2021) by I, Eternal

XtelyonRec Special Hour 16: Bleeps & Drones - CAMP Radio

A collaboration between I,Eternal and Stone was featured on XtelyonRec's Special Hour for CAMP Radio.


29 Jan

last summer (2022)

Natural Resonance Festival [online]

Premiere of a new audiovisual work, Last Summer, for Natural Resonance Festival


16 Jan

Bridging the gap between sound poetry and experimental music

Beyond Text: Innovative Poetry Festival, artBLAB - Quarterhouse, Folkestone, UK

Stone and Jason Hodgson performed spoken word pieces including Stone’s “As Sure as Time...” (2016), Steve Gisby’s com-bi-na-to-ri-al-ly (revised 2018), Hodgson’s Language is a Fictitious Fact (2013) [participatory], and a new collaborative piece based on the text of John Cage’s Silence: Lectures and Writings (1939) titled Silence:Lectures and Writings (2021).



6 Oct

amalgamations for piano (2019)

Dante Boon presenteert: Cage, Stone, Boon, Eastman - Splendor, Amsterdam, NL

Composer and pianist Dante Boon presented works by John Cage, Julius Eastman, Stone, as well as his own music.


22 Jul - 2 Nov

Soundwalks with Sophie Stone

The Plot - Folkestone Triennial 2021, Folkestone, UK

Stone is facilitating several soundwalks as part of the guided tours programme by Creative Folkestone for the Folkestone Triennial 2021, a large outdoor art exhibition. She has tailored a tour exploring the varied soundscapes of Folkestone, and encourages visitors to get to know the artworks through listening to them and their surrounding sounds.


21-30 Aug

[[even a stopped clock is right twice a day]]

Electric Medway - Grand Magazine, Fort Amherst, Chatham, UK

[[even a stopped clock is right twice a day]] is a collaboration between Stone and intermedia artist Michèle Saint-Michel commissioned by SparkedEcho and Creative Estuary for Electric Medway, a digital arts festival. It is a collaborative multi-screen audiovisual work exploring the synchronisation of the artists’ experiences of everyday life through rituals and routines, such as walking, using social media, and selfcare.

The audience were invited into the work by solving the problem of how to best view both screens at once. The impossible task created an opportunity to question why we feel the desire to take the work in as a whole and to check for synchronisation. This compulsive, sense-making process is one we’ve had to prioritise with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

For more information, visit here.

Digital Album

20 Aug

amalgamations for solo piano (2019)

August Two Editions - Bandcamp

August Two Edition released Stone's composition amalgamations for solo piano (2019) played by Richard P John.

"Stone's 'Amalgamations' in John's solo piano performance offers tenderness & intimacy in sensitive attentiveness to emergent sympathetic overtones and varying decay rates. Each note & rest audibly draws on experience & repertoire for possibilities & intertextualities between & beyond each sound & silence. This is an effervescent event at which the listener is invited to share authority with composer and performer: a human, existential & political gift. It is, in other words, listening pleasure."

To stream and download, visit here.


11 Sep

amalgamations for organ (2016)

Mainly Slow Organ Music - St Stephen's Church, Bristol, UK.

Huw Morgan performed amalgamations for organ (2016) for Mainly Slow Organ Music.



26 Nov

"I'm not an early bird, or a night owl, I'm a permanently exhausted pigeon"

Last Fridays - Quarterhouse Foyer, Folkestone, UK

Improvised, participatory performance in collaboration with socially-engaged artist and dancer Elly Rutherford exploring sound, movement and materials in response to the place they first met as Folkestone Triennial Hosts.

Digital Release

1 Nov

robit (2021)

Sounds for an Empty House - Soundlands, Plas Bodfa Projects & Amgueddfa Llwch 

Stone composed a short drone piece in response to a 24-hour livestream manipulating sounds created by Plas Bodfa, an empty manor house in North Wales. Stone's composition is part of a collection of works reimaging ways that sound can connect people to place, illuminating minute details of a specific location through a unique audio experience. 44 artists contributed to three albums.

You can hear Stone's contribution played back into the house, on a digital album, and on a specially curated double album linking the tracks through composition and their original sounds.


21 Jul

Montrose Composers' Club

LUNAR Exhibition - The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space, Folkestone, UK

Folkestone-based collective Montrose Composers' Club drew inspiration from the LUNAR exhibition and the moon itself to create a one-off outdoor performance of improvised experimental music for the Folkestone Triennial opening party in The Brewery Tap gardens. 


26 Jul

dust falls on the mirage (2021)

Notes in Dialogue - CAMP Radio

A collaboration between I,Eternal and Stone was featured on Notes in Dialogue for CAMP Radio.

Digital Album

27 Jun

Sophie Stone & I, Eternal

Sophie Stone - Bandcamp

Stone collaborated with French sound artist Eric Jovet (I, Eternal) to release two digital albums. Stone and Jovet exchanged sounds, including performances, previous digital works and environment sounds, to create new tracks released over two albums on Bandcamp.

To stream and download Stone's album, visit here.

To stream and download Jovet's album, visit here

Composition & Performance

25 Jun

alternating breath (2021)

Networked Collaborative Processes - Music and/as Process Conference 2021, University of Wolverhampton, UK [online]

alternating breath (2021) is part of Stone's project postcard-sized pieces (2021), which was performed over Zoom with the attendees of the annual Music and/as Process conference.

Community Project, Film & Archive


an outside space for You Me Us

You Me Us - Ideas Test, Medway and Swale, UK [online]

an outside space was a collaborative community arts project commissioned by Ideas Test for their You Me Us project during the COVID-19 pandemic. an outside space was about connecting with the outdoors and expressing experiences through creative activities such as drawing, painting, photography, audio and video recordings, and poetry. With a group of participants, Stone collaborated on an experimental film and created an online archive


5 May

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

II realitätsverschwinden - Takahashi/Hinz/Kokkinaris [online]

An online realisation of postcard-sized pieces (2020) performed by Marie Takahashi (violist, Japan), Sylvia Hinz (recorder, Germany) and George Kokkinaris (double bass, Greece).

"Three musicians from very different cultures: musical dialectics and training meet in the sound of profundity with works composed especially for us and conceived by us. The composers selected for this debut concert (8.5.2021, online) are known to us personally and are close to us in their individual musical expression."


5 Jun

inhale /exhale (2020)

Art Rewired - Le Menteur Literary Magazine, Paris, France [online]

A screening of multi-screen work and collaboration with filmmaker Michèle Saint-Michel. Stone composed the sound for exhale, and Sam Carr composed the sound for inhale. Carr and Stone were unknowing collaborators as the films were screened simultaneously. 

Composition, Published Score & Recording

12 Apr

i am in nature (2021)

10 Nature Pieces for Solo Flute - Laura Lentz, Rochester, NY

i am in nature (2021) is a composition by Stone published as a part of a charitable collection of flute miniatures commissioned by Laura Lentz, flutist and teacher based in Rochester, NY. The collection of flute miniatures, '10 Nature Pieces for Solo Flute', are inspired by nature.

The text score for i am in nature is open instrumentation, but written specifically for Lentz and a glass flute created by glass artist Madeline Rile Smith.

To listen and watch, visit here.

Composition, Interview & Performance

27 Mar

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

"Life Through out Windows" - Composer Chat with Sophie Stone and Sungmin Shin [online]

Live interview with Evan Meccarello, and Rochester, NY-based ensemble fivebyfive performed Stone's postcard-sized pieces (2020) over Zoom directed by the unsuspecting actions of audience members. 

To watch and listen, visit here.


28 Feb

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

Sound Thought: Dawn - Glasgow, UK [online]

A screening of postcard-sized pieces (2020) played by Montrose Composers' Club for Sound Thought: Dawn (2021).

To listen and watch, visit here.

Workshop & Realisation

14 Jan

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference 2021 - University of Cambridge, UK [online]

A workshop, realisation and discussion of postcard-sized pieces played by Amatis Trio.

Digital Releases

5 Feb


Peter Nagle - Bandcamp

Stone contributed to Peter Nagle's Nexus project exploring what it means to be a musician or a collaborator during isolation. Nagle made solo recordings and invited friends to record a duet with them. Nagle created new and unexpected collaborations by combining the different recordings he received.



1-2 Dec

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

INSEKTEN - Kammermusiksaal, Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, Germany

Multiple realisations by Kompass Ensemble: Swaantje Kaiser (violin) and Elena Ralli (piano).

Performance & Composition

24 Oct

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

Rochester Institute for Technology, NY [online]

Premiere of a commission for postcard-sized pieces performed by RIT woodwind ensemble on Zoom, lead by Laura Lentz.

Film Collaboration & Screening

16-19 Oct

inhale /exhale (2020)

The Great Wave Festival - House of Beautiful Business, Berlin, Germany

A multi-screen installation and collaboration with artist in residence for the House of Beautiful BusinessMichèle Saint-Michel. Stone composed the sound for exhale, and Sam Carr composed the sound for inhale.

Screening & Audiovisual

3 Oct

continuum (2018/2020)

Soundwave 3.0 Festival - Santa Ana, CA [online]

Screening of a new audiovisual version of continuum for Soundwave Festival premiered on Facebook Live. 


28 Aug - 6 Sep

an outside space (2020)

Electric Medway [online]

An audiovisual commission by Sparked Echo for Electric Medway digital arts festival exploring Stone's daily walks during COVID-19 lockdowns, stemming from Stone's postcard-sized pieces (2020).

To watch and listen, visit here.

Composition & Realisation

27 Jun

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

Isolation Sessions [online]

A new version of postcard-sized pieces played by Ret Frem Ensemble for their Isolation Sessions during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Ensemble: Fraser Bowles (cello), Kate de Campos (viola), Abi Heath (clarinet), Jenni Hogan (flute), and Will Handysides (artistic director).


To listen and watch, visit here.


18 Jun

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Free Range TV - Free Range, Canterbury, UK [online]

A performance of far infrared 3.0 by the Free Range Orchestra on Zoom for Free Range TV.

To watch and listen, visit here.


21 May

هُوِيَّةُ (huia) (2018-present)

Postgraduate Research Association Conference 2020 - Canterbury Christ Church University [online]

Screening of هُوِيَّةُ (huia), a collaboration with Algerian poet Nour Elhouda Souleh, and a two-hour film of an installation from Dec 2019. 

Realisation & Composition

23 Apr

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

Zoom Experiments - Montrose Composers' Club [online]

Montrose Composers' Club played a version of postcard-sized pieces composed for the ensemble to play on Zoom.

Ensemble: Phil Self (guitar), Matt Brown (viola), Anna Braithwaite (voice/objects/film), Sophie Stone (breath/clarinet/film).

To watch and listen, visit here.


9 Apr

Isolation Consequences (2020)

Free Range TV - Free Range, Canterbury, UK [online]

The Montrose Composers' Club created a new improvisation through the game of consequences, which was shown on Free Range TV for Free Range.

Ensemble: Phil Self (guitar), Matt Brown (viola), Aidan Shepherd (electronics), Anna Braithwaite (voice), Sophie Stone (clarinet).

To watch and listen, visit here.


22 Mar

postcard-sized pieces (2020)

Video Postcard 12 - #RecordedDelivery, Bergen, Norway [online]

Alwynne Pritchard performed a postcard from postcard-sized pieces as part of her Recorded Delivery project during COVID-19. 

To listen and watch, visit here.

Performance & Soundtracks

29 Feb

Waking the Giant

Waking the Giant - Fort Burgoyne, Dover, UK

The Montrose Composers' Club performed at Waking the Giant, Fort Burgoyne open day. They also collaborated on two soundtracks for films by filmmaker Matt Rowe, artist in residence. 

fortopia 1 (composed by Phil Self and Aidan Shepherd)

fortopia 2 (composed by Sophie Stone)

Workshop & Performance

22 Feb

Sound to Image in Folkestone

Profound Sound Festival 2020 - The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space, Folkestone, UK

Stone participated in a workshop and performance of Emmanuelle Waeckerle's Sound to Image for Profound Sound Festival.


19 Feb

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Electric Spring Festival - University of Huddersfield, UK

A performance by Lauren Redhead (organ) and Alistair Zaldua (electronics) for the Electric Spring Festival.

To watch and listen, visit here.


14 Feb

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Automatronic - St Stephen's Church, Bristol UK

A performance by Lauren Redhead (organ) and Alistair Zaldua (electronics) for the Automatronic concert series,

To stream and download, visit here.


8 Feb

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Ideas of Noise - Birmingham, UK

A performance by Lauren Redhead (organ) and Alistair Zaldua (electronics) for Ideas of Noise.


23-25 Jan

amalgamations for string quartet (2019) & far infrared 3.0 (2019)

WinterSound Festival 2020 - Daphne Oram Building for the Creative Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

A performance of amalgamations for string quartet by Splinter Cell, and a performance of far infrared 3.0 by the Free Range Orchestra for WinterSound.



12 Dec

هُوِيَّةُ (huia) (2018-present)

Art of the Lost Show - Daphne Oram Building for the Creative Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

هُوِيَّةُ (huia) is a collaboration with Algerian poet Nour Elhouda Souleh. The two two-hour performances comprised a quadraphonic soundscape of Souleh's poetry by Stone, and a performance by Souleh inspired by Marina Abramović's "The Artist Is Present"; the audience were invited to sit with Souleh listening to the sounds and sharing eye-contact only.


7 Dec

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Drone Tower - Westgate Towers, Canterbury, UK

A performance by Stone (clarinet), Jason Hodgson (voice), Natalie Salerno (accordion), and Grant Gover (recorder).


21 Nov

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Hindemith @ the pub - The Woodman, Birmingham, UK

A performance by Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear (flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet and horn).


15 Nov

amalgamations for viola (2019)

The 20/19 Project: Apart and Together - Daphne Oram Building for the Creative Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Performance & Competition

28 Oct

amalgamations for string quartet (2019)

Canterbury Festival Maxwell Davies Memorial Prize - St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Performance by the Leon String Quartet: Karen Joliffe (Violin), Kammy Pike (Violin), Matt Brown (Viola), and Mike Bacon (Cello).


9-11 Jan

amalgamations for solo piano (2019)

BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference 2020 - The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 

A workshop and performance of amalgamations for solo piano by Alexsander Szram.


6 Oct

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Everywhere: Everywhen - Margate NOW 2019, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

A performance of far infrared 3.0 for Margate NOW festival as part of a concert by the Free Range Orchestra with improvisation, dance, and spoken word. 

Workshop & Performance

26 Jul

amalgamations for quartet (2019)

Living Collaborative Processes - Music and/as Process Conference 2019, Institute of Contemporary Music, London, UK

A workshop and performance of amalgamations for quartet by Alistair Zaldua (violin), Lauren Redhead (accordion), Peter Nagle (cello), and Elizabeth Hilliard (voice).


30 Jun

Pattern, Form and Silence in Amalgamations, An Extended Duration Work

New Sound Journal of Music

Available to read, here.


24 Jun - 1 Jul

composers meet composers

Wandelweiser - Heim.Art, Neufelden, Austria

Composers meet Composers with Wandelweiser composers: Antoine BeugerJoachim EcklMarianne SchuppeEmmanuelle Waeckerle and Jurg Frey. Participants: Sophie Stone, Leilehua LanzilottiAlex NikiporenkoMasaya Ozaki and Noah Jenkins. Realisations of far infrared 3.0 (for 10 players) and amalgamations for viola (Leilehua Lanzilotti).


22 May

continuum (2018)

Transformations - Postgraduate Research Association Conference 2019, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

15.1 surround installation of continuum for the annual PGRA Conference at Canterbury Christ Church University.


7 Apr

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

A 30-minute recorded realisation of far infrared 3.0 by the Free Range Orchestra directed by Alistair Zaldua.


28 Mar

far infrared 3.0 (2019)

Free Range - Garage Coffee, Canterbury, UK

A performance by the Free Range Orchestra for Free Range.


15-17 Feb

continuum (2018)

Signal - Sound Thought 2019, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK

A quadraphonic extract from continuum for Sound Thought festival. 

Experimental Podcast

14-15 Jan

hibernus opus continuum (2019)

WinterSound 2019 - Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

A collaboration with Ben Horner with a 30-minute extract from continuum and a documentary podcast featuring interviews from people whose work is affected by the seasons.

For more information and to listen, visit here.

Conference Paper

10-12 Jan

Form in the Notation and Performance of amalgamations for organ (2016)

BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference 2019 - University of Sheffield, 



29 Oct

far infrared 2.0 (2018)

Maxwell Davies Memorial Prize - Canterbury Festival, St Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Winner of the Maxwell Davies Memorial Prize for the Canterbury Festival Composition Competition.

Ensemble: Splinter Cell (Heledd Wright (flute), Sam Corkin (soprano sax), Martin Outram (viola), David Knotts (piano/Ebows).

Judges: Anna Braithwaite, Jack Hues, and Paul Patterson.


22 Oct

amalgamations for organ (2016)

Automatronic: New Music for Organ and Electronics - Canterbury Festival, Chapel, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Performance by Lauren Redhead.


13 Oct

amalgamations for organ (2016)

Automatronic: Waves of Sound - Corpus Christi College Chapel, University of Cambridge, UK

Performed by Lauren Redhead


30 Jun

"as sure as time..." (2016-2018)/continuum (2018/2020)

Music and Language - Music and/as Process Conference 2018, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

A quadraphonic installation combining "as sure as time..." and continuum during the lunch break of the annual Music and/as Process Conference 2018. 

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